Google Ads Management

At Venter Marketing,  we specialize in Google Ads management like no other dog training marketing agency.

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8x to 10X ROI on Ad Spend

More Conversions at Lower CPA

Highly Strategic Optimizations

Higher Quality Leads

Data Analysis and A/B Testing

Generate $22,000 or More in Less Than 30 Days!

We have helped some clients generate over $22,000 worth of client deals in just 10 days while others generated even more in less than a month!

The Google Ads campaigns we manage for 150+ dog training businesses typically generate 800-1000% in ROI. This means if you spend $1,000 on your ads, the revenue you make could be anywhere between $9,000 to $11,000. And that’s just from new clients we can get to your business in just a few weeks.

If you partner with Venter Marketing and let us manage your Google Ads campaigns, you’ll never have to worry about signing enough clients again. Why? Because we can ensure you that within the first couple of days, you’ll start getting calls and inquiries from dog owners with at least one of these problems, challenges and issues with their furry friends:

Unleash your full potential and trust our experts to boost your dog training business’s online presence and client acquisition efforts.

Drive More Clicks and Convert More Leads to Customers​

Skyrocket Your Results

With our proven strategies, we generate more clicks, phone calls, inquiries and closed deals. We’ve got what it takes to skyrocket your results.

Scale Your Business

Scale your business with Venter Marketing.
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Strategic Approach

At Venter Marketing, we use an exclusive approach to manage Google Ads campaigns for diverse dog trainers, ensuring a level of effectiveness by a factor of 1000 that exceeds the traditional methods.

Make It Easy

We use a "secret sauce" that gets many desperate dog owners to call you. And believe us -- our approach to Google Ads is a well-guarded secret.
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This service is not just a set of guidelines but an implementation on your behalf. Trust our expertise and we will help you convert at least 80% of your calls and consultations.

Trust Our Expertise

Rest assured that not getting a new client will no longer be a problem for you. Contact us today and let our Google Ads experts do their magic!
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Boost Your Client Base Up To 100% In No Time!

To maximize the efficiency of your Google Ads campaigns, Venter Marketing will help you optimize your Google ads. Here are our proven strategies for helping dog training businesses attain a 100% boost in their customers base.

Keyword Research

Identify relevant keywords and phrases that potential clients will likely search for when looking for dog training services.

Ad Copy Creation

Craft compelling and conversion-focused ad copy highlighting your dog training services' unique benefits and offerings.

Budget Management

Set a budget corresponding to your marketing goals and monitor your ad spending to ensure optimal allocation.

Targeting and Segmentation

Narrow your target audience based on demographics, location, and interests to reach the most relevant customers.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Regularly analyze the performance of your ads, make data-driven optimizations.

Grow Your Dog Training Business With Our Optimized Google Ads Strategies

According to recent data, this niche’s average click-through rate (CTR) for Google Ads is around 3%. At Venter Marketing, we can help you get more – our campaigns typically get 10% to 15% CTR with a Conversion Rate of 25%. Our results have exceeded industry data. So if you want to grow your business using Google Ads, reach out to us today.